Lower School

PS - 5th Grade

Early Childhood Education

In Trinity’s Early Childhood Program, we work diligently to provide a loving and nurturing environment in a Christ-filled setting.  We look to meet the needs of each individual child as well as cultivate his or her God-given gifts and abilities.  Early childhood is a precious time for learning.  

At Trinity, we believe that students in early childhood learn best when they are: 


  • – Taught that each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made Immersed in a grace-filled environment.
  • – Provided a safe and secure surrounding.
  • – Learning through play with others.
  • – Given the opportunity to explore and be curious.
  • – Have the freedom to learn through productive struggle.
  • – Accustomed to structured expectations and consistent routine.
  • – Given the opportunity to learn and practice self-regulation skills.
  • – Taught within the framework of God’s Word.

With these things as our priorities, we pray students move on into Kindergarten with an excitement for lifelong learning.  They will carry with them the skills to actively listen and be a successful part of a classroom community.  Students will be able to socialize with peers and communicate effectively with others regarding their own wants, needs, and feelings.  Above all, each child will know the value in being a child of God.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

In Grades K-5, our goal is to provide a Christ-centered education in which students actively engage in their learning.  Young learners are encouraged to develop their God-given gifts and talents and supported to grow in their academic, social, physical, and emotional skills in a loving environment rooted in Biblical truths and active faith practices, such as daily prayer, Bible study, and worship time.

At Trinity, we believe that K-5 students learn best when they:

  • – Practice faith-based self-awareness and interpersonal skills.
    – Know they are valued and have a sense of belonging.
    – Demonstrate curiosity and creativity in learning.
    – Think critically to explore questions and problem-solving.
    – Effectively communicate with adults and peers.
    – Collaborate with others in a respectful way.
    – Approach their learning with a growth mindset with confidence to take appropriate risks.
    – Take ownership of their learning.
    – Serve others with empathy and humility.

We value the partnership with our families. Teachers and parents work together to enable students to learn and thrive. Parents are invited to be actively involved in classroom activities and school events. We believe these relationships are essential to building a strong community of students, families, and faculty who truly care for one another and have a true passion for learning and serving.